ACMartín Lighting Resume. PDF

I am an artist because I love creating. I love a challenge, an adventure, and a mystery. I want to be active with my art. I want to push the boundaries that prohibit emotional expression and create an environment that is etched into the viewer’s memory.

I explore with color to give the space depth and highlighting the important figures. Visual layers, texture, and a sense of depth engage my eye. I want to create interesting compositions that engage an audience.

I believe there is energy that keeps us inner-connected. I want to explore how that energy is exchanged. Energy and light are related because they both involve studying of angles. I use light as an art form because I can make 3D human paintings. I like to sculpt objects with light. I find the patterns of shadows to be interesting and engaging.  I use light as a way to investigate the world, not just showcase talent.

I’ve practiced the techniques for Stage Lighting, Portrait Lighting, Film lighting, and Interior Lighting Design. I am a chameleon of Lighting Design. I have a broad range of experience and I’m ready to take on the next challenge. If you are interested in my work, contact me at Anna.cecelia.martin at