Artist Bio

Anna Cecelia Martín is a passionate artist based in Los Angeles. She gets excited by new possibilities and strives to create quality work. She has a contagious energy that propels collaborators to bounce ideas with her. She likes to search, investigate and solve a mystery.

As a lighting designer with a MFA from CalArts, her edge is an exploration with color. Currently White Light is in fashion.  Anna is not afraid to use color to transform an environment to enhance atmospheric perspective. Angle is equally important for a lighting designer. Anna is intuitive with selecting her angle. She can walk into the space and sense where the light should come from, in addition to visualize the space mentally in 3D by looking at the drafting.

Anna is an efficient, energetic, creative problem solver. She is fearless and will try anything. She has an intuitive nature and is passionate about her work.

Anna is an artist of a diverse set of interests. She is a singer, actor, and dancer. She has studied and practiced the Lighting techniques for the stage (theater, dance and music), Portraits, Architecture, Film and Animation. With a broad range of experience, Anna is ready to take on the next challenge. With these diverse interests, Anna can acclimate easily to new situations and different genres of performance. She pursues lighting as a way to investigate the world, not just showcase talent on a stage. Anna is invested in how every creative impulse is interconnected.